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Broccoli salad recipe


How to make broccoli salad recipe

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds and embrace a healthy and delicious journey with our mouthwatering Broccoli Salad recipe!!
This delightful dish is a celebration of fresh and vibrant ingredients, combining the goodness of crunchy broccoli florets with a medley of complementary flavors and textures. Broccoli Salad is a versatile and crowd-pleasing dish that has gained popularity worldwide. It offers a delightful combination of crispness, creaminess, and tanginess, making it an ideal side dish or even a light meal on its own. By harnessing the natural flavors of raw broccoli, along with an assortment of carefully selected ingredients, this recipe transforms a humble vegetable into a culinary masterpiece that will leave you craving more.
What makes this salad truly remarkable is its ability to deliver both incredible taste and exceptional health benefits. Broccoli, the star ingredient, is renowned for its remarkable nutritional profile. Bursting with essential vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, broccoli supports immune function, promotes digestion, and contributes to overall well-being. Incorporating this nutrient-dense veggie into your diet has never been easier or more satisfying. Our Broccoli Salad recipe showcases a perfect balance of flavors and textures. The combination of tender broccoli florets, crispy bacon, tangy red onions, juicy cherry tomatoes, creamy dressing, and a delightful sprinkle of nuts or seeds creates a symphony of taste sensations that will awaken your palate.
Get ready to elevate your salad game and indulge in a dish that proves healthy eating can be both tantalizing and satisfying. Get your ingredients ready, because the journey to a delicious and nutritious Broccoli Salad starts now!


2 bags (12 ounces each) of fresh broccoli, uncooked.

Half a cup of finely chopped red onion.

1 cup cheddar cheese, grated.

1/2 cup cooked bacon, chopped (you can also use bacon bites).

1 cup creamy coleslaw sauce (I prefer Kraft brand).


The measurements and brands mentioned above are suggestions and can be adjusted according to personal preference.


Step 1

First, in a large bowl, combine all the ingredients, and mix well until all the ingredients are evenly coated with the dressing.

Step 2

Then, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate for at least 2 hours (this will allow the flavors to meld together and the broccoli to soften slightly).

Step 3

After the refrigeration time, give the salad a quick stir to ensure everything is well combined, taste and adjust the seasoning or add extra sauce, cheese, or any other desired ingredients according to your preference.

Step 4

finally, transfer the broccoli salad to a serving dish and serve chilled.

Enjoy this delicious and versatile broccoli salad as a side dish or a light meal!!


This recipe serves 4-6 people, but you can easily adjust the quantities based on your needs.