I created a cross-shaped incision in three lemons and added salt to them. The outcome was astonishing!


I created a cross-shaped incision in three lemons and added salt to them. The outcome was astonishing!

Lemons, a widely utilized citrus fruit in culinary applications, are annually honored in Menton’s “Lemon Festival” at the end of February. Regular consumption of lemons offers various health benefits. Whether enhancing a sauce, complementing a dish, or enjoyed as a beverage (fruit juice, cocktail), the French populace consumes an average of 1.5 kg of lemons per person annually, contributing to a total lemon production of 4000 tons in France.

With its year-round availability and long shelf life, lemons, comprising approximately 80% water, boast several varieties in France. Renowned for its unique combination of bitterness and acidity, lemon adds finesse to gourmet dishes and popular cocktails. Rich in vitamin C, possessing healing properties and disinfectant qualities, it is highly regarded in medicinal applications.

A tip to dispel negative energies:


3 lemons


A bowl


Using a knife, create a cross-shaped incision on each lemon and add salt to each cut.

Place the prepared lemons in a container, positioning it in the center of a room in your home, such as the bedroom.

Recent studies in lemon aromatherapy suggest that the released fragrance induces a sense of calm and well-being, enhancing sleep quality when placed in the bedroom. Additionally, the lemon scent acts as a natural insect repellent, particularly effective against mosquitoes.

How to counteract negative energies?

Negative energies often manifest through communication skewed by the dissemination of pessimistic ideas, impacting emotional states and potentially leading to depression. Several strategies can help protect against negative energies:

Distance oneself from fears: Seek professional guidance to overcome fears, phobias, or insecurities. Hypnosis may also prove effective.

Maintain a positive attitude: Embrace a positive lifestyle, share experiences with loved ones, and foster a positive environment.

Stress management: Combat stress through physical activity, yoga, or meditation to mitigate its impact on mood and health.

Surround oneself with positive people: Limit exposure to individuals with a negative influence to maintain a positive personal environment.

Home protection: Create a positive home environment by adopting suitable decor, decluttering, and infusing the space with natural fragrances through regular ventilation.