Lemons and Salt: Grandma’s Age-Old Tip


Lemons and Salt: Grandma’s Age-Old Tip

Refrigerating lemons may not be the optimal solution, as the cold temperature can lead to dehydration and a loss of zest. So, how should one store a surplus of lemons? Let’s explore.

The formation of mold on lemons is influenced by various factors, including climatic conditions, transportation-related damages, and the acidic pH of the fruits, which makes them more prone to fungus spores.

While mold doesn’t render lemons toxic or harmful, it’s essential to prevent its formation. Here’s a method to safeguard lemons from spores:

Cut lemon slices.

Mix water and salt in a container.

Add the lemon slices to the mixture.

Seal the container tightly and shake it.

Store for months.

By pickling lemons in a saltwater solution, you can effectively preserve their freshness for an extended period, thanks to salt’s unique properties.


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