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Marinated Cucumber, Onion, and Tomato Salad



Cucumbers: 3 medium (peeled and sliced into 1/4-inch-thick rounds)

Onion: 1 medium (chopped and separated into rings)

Tomatoes: 3 medium (cut into wedges)

Vinegar: 1/2 cup

Sugar: 1/4 cup

Water: 1 cup

Salt: 2 teaspoons

Coarse freshly ground black pepper: 1 teaspoon

Oil: 1/4 cup

Fresh mint: 1 teaspoon (chopped, optional)


In a large bowl, combine all the ingredients.

Toss the ingredients well to ensure an even mix.

Refrigerate the salad for a minimum of 120 minutes before serving.

Enjoy the refreshing flavors of this marinated cucumber, onion, and tomato salad!