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The Recipe That Saved Me 17 Years Ago: How I Overcame Liver and Colon Tumors



15 heads of garlic

15 lemons

500g ground walnuts

500g ground hazelnuts

500g dried figs

500g dried plums (prunes)

500g white grape raisins

500g red grape raisins

500g organic wheat

1kg homemade honey


Wheat Preparation: Soak the wheat overnight, rinse thoroughly, and blend into a paste. Lemon and Fruit Preparation: Juice 10 lemons and finely grind the remaining 5 with their peel. Chop figs and plums into small pieces. Combining Ingredients: Mix all the ingredients in a large bowl, incorporating the garlic last. Aim for a uniform, dough-like consistency. Storage: The mixture can be stored in a cool, dry place or refrigerated, typically lasting up to a month.

Understanding and Caution

While I share this recipe to offer an alternative perspective on health and wellness, it’s crucial to emphasize the importance of seeking professional medical advice and treatment, especially for serious conditions. Natural remedies can complement conventional medical approaches but should not replace them entirely.

The Power of Personal Stories

Personal narratives of overcoming health challenges are inspiring and insightful, providing valuable lessons on how individuals navigate their paths to well-being. They encourage us to explore various strategies in our own pursuit of health, highlighting the significance of nutrition, natural remedies, and holistic practices.

Final Thoughts

If you’re considering integrating new elements into your healthcare routine, particularly in response to significant health issues, consulting healthcare professionals is essential. This ensures that your approach is safe, tailored to your specific needs, and complements any ongoing treatments. Let recovery stories ignite your spirit, but let caution and expert guidance guide your journey to wellness.