Dip orange peels into a bottle of water to save money: an insightful tip!


Dip orange peels into a bottle of water to save money: an insightful tip!

Did you know that immersing orange peels in a plastic water bottle can lead to significant savings? Oranges, abundant from December to February, not only boast Vitamin C but also offer potent antioxidants with stress-relieving properties. They enhance brain activity, aid detoxification, and facilitate digestion, featuring magnesium and potassium crucial for heart health and blood circulation.

Orange Peels: Multipurpose Applications

Beyond health benefits, oranges serve various beauty treatments for body, face, and hair due to their versatile properties. Additionally, orange peels, rich in citric acid, prove excellent for cleaning purposes.

Orange Peels for Household Cleaning

Utilize the citric acid in orange peels for effective household cleaning. Here’s a simple guide to turning orange peels into a potent cleaning agent:

Peel the Orange: Choose an efficient peeling method, whether slicing horizontally for a single strip or creating space between peel and pulp by cutting off both ends, then making a vertical cut.

Prepare the Peels: Wash the orange peels with water and salt to eliminate any residual parasites or pesticides. Cut the peel into desired strips.

Make the Cleaner: Fill a clean plastic bottle halfway with orange peels. Add a teaspoon of baking soda and water, leaving space at the top for fermentation.

Fermentation Process: Place the bottle in a dry spot away from direct light for approximately 3 days. Open the cap daily to release gases. The resulting orange solution becomes an effective cleaner for washing dishes and cleaning kitchen surfaces, combining citric acid and baking soda.