3 to 4 Lbs.Of beef chuck roast.

Salt and pepper, to taste.

2 Tbsp.Of vegetable oil.

1 large onion, chopped.

4 garlic cloves – minced.

3 large carrots, chopped.

3 large potatoes, chopped.

2 celery stalks, cut into chunks.

2 Cups.Of beef broth.

1 cup red wine (optional).

2 Tbsp.Of Worcestershire sauce.

2 Tbsp.Of tomato paste.

1 Tbsp.Of dried thyme.

2 bay leaves.


1/4 Cup.Of all-purpose flour.

1/4 Cup.Of butter.


1st Step

Liberally season the beef chuck roast on all sides with salt and pepper. In a large oven-safe container or Dutch oven, heat the vegetable oil over medium heat. Using approximately 4 to 5 minutes per side, sear all sides of the roast until beautifully browned. Take the roast out of the saucepan and set it aside for a moment.

2nd Step

Add the chopped onion and minced garlic to the same saucepan. Add the carrots, potatoes, and celery to the saucepan, stirring them with the onion and garlic for a couple of minutes, and then position the seared roast on top of the vegetables.

3rd Step

Combine beef broth, red wine (if using), Worcestershire sauce, tomato purée, dried thyme, and bay leaves in a combining basin. Stir until thoroughly mixed. Pour the liquid mixture into the container containing the roast and vegetables. The liquid should just barely cover the flesh. If necessary, add additional beef bouillon or water.

4th Step

Bring the saucepan to a simmer before covering it. Then, transfer the pot to the preheated oven and roast until the beef is tender and readily shreddable, approximately 3 to 3 1/2 hours.

5th Step

Once the roast is cooked, remove it gingerly from the saucepan and transfer it to a carving board. It should rest for a few minutes.

6th Step

To prepare the gravy, strain the liquid from the saucepan into a separate container, removing any excess oil. Set the liquid aside.

7th Step

In a small saucepan over medium heat, soften the butter. Continuously whisk in the flour until a homogeneous mixture forms. Cook the flour mixture, known as a roux, until it turns a golden brown color.

8th Step

Constantly whisk the reserved liquid as you slowly pour it into the saucepan containing the roux. Continue to simmer and stir the gravy until it reaches the desired consistency. season to flavor with salt and pepper. The beef chuck roast should be sliced or shredded into broad segments or pieces.

9th Step

Serve the Mom’s Authentic Beef Pot Roast by slicing or shredding the beef and arranging it on a platter or individual plates. It should be surrounded by the prepared vegetables and drizzled with the luscious liquid. Enjoy it!!