Toilet Cleaning: Adopting the Method of 5-Star Hotels


Achieving a pristine and gleaming toilet is a technique employed even by upscale hotels. Maintaining a clean and organized home is a priority for many individuals, and special attention is required for every area, including the bathroom. Despite regular cleaning efforts, certain parts of the house, such as the toilet, pose a challenge in maintaining their cleanliness and shine, especially with frequent use and the potential for yellowing over time.

Toilet Cleaning: Adopting the Method of 5-Star Hotels

The toilet is often one of the most challenging areas to keep clean in a bathroom. Even with consistent cleaning, it can lose its sheen or develop stains, prompting the need for regular polishing to restore its original luster.

The Effective Cleaning Procedure

A common issue, particularly with silicone seals in toilets, is the formation of stubborn black stains that can be hard to eliminate. It is crucial to clean delicately to avoid damaging the silicone and causing leaks.

Fortunately, there is a highly effective method employed by housekeeping staff in five-star hotels to ensure toilets remain impeccably clean and shiny.

Steps for Attaining an Immaculate Toilet

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